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Disaster Recovery Management (DRM)

Technology disasters can strike with little or no warning and can paralyze a business. The best way to ensure your organization's applications and data are protected is architect an infrastructure environment that aligns with the business' specific recovery needs. Following a technology incident, not all applications need to be online at the same time. Some may require near-immediate recovery, and others may be able to be offline for days. However, without proper planning, your organization may be surprised to learn that a data recovery effort is not as simple as it sounds. 

BluTinuity can assist with helping to reduce the risk of DR incidents through a variety of solutions:

  • Assessment of Disaster Risk

  • Assessment of Existing Disaster Recovery Plans

  • Assessment of Recovery Capabilities

  • Assessment of IT DR Readiness

  • Data Center Assessment & Selection

  • Identification of Recovery Time Objectives (How quickly do I need the system back online?)

  • Identification of Recovery Point Objectives (How much data can I lose?)

  • Development of Continuity Strategies

  • Design of Technical Infrastructure Environments that Support the Strategy

  • Design and Facilitation of Tabletop Disaster Recovery Exercises

Design, Development, and Implementation of:

  • DR Policies & Procedures

  • Data Backup Plans

  • Disaster Recovery Plans

  • Security / Cyber Incident Response Plans

  • Design, Development, and Implementation of DR Programs

BluTinuity is ready to assist you in helping reduce the risk of Disaster Recovery incidents in your business.

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