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HIPAA Security Compliance

If you are a healthcare organization or if you work closely with healthcare organizations, you probably are subject to the compliance requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). This law defines a standard for information security and privacy that is risk-based, and flexible enough to scale from small to large organizations. Penalties for non-compliance from the US Department of Health and Human Services can be severe, especially if there is reason to believe that your organization has neglected its obligation to protect the health information of patients. 


BluTinuity advisors can help design a security compliance program that fits your organization. We will evaluate your current position against the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules, and prepare a commonsense approach to remediating any gaps identified. We can provide templates for policies, procedures, and supporting documents, and offer guidance on appropriate and reasonable implementation strategies. We can partner with your team as a mentor or as an active team member to bring the right level of support.  

The BluTinuity team has assessed, planned, implemented, managed, audited, and optimized security, systems, processes, controls, and security in the following environments:

  • Regional medical center

  • Large and critical access hospitals

  • Physician clinics

  • Surgery centers

  • Health insurance carrier

  • Mental & behavioral health providers

  • Home health provider

  • Dental practice

  • Physical therapy clinic

  • Regional and national long-term care provider

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturer

  • Pharmaceutical disposal / supply chain provider

  • Blood centers

  • Benefit managers

  • Healthcare financing organization

  • Accountable care organization (ACO)

  • Healthcare cooperative

  • Health information exchange

  • Healthcare software vendors

  • Healthcare analytics firms

  • Social services agencies

  • Crisis hotline provider

  • Government health department

  • Managed care organizations


We look forward to assisting your organization with its healthcare compliance and HIPAA management.

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