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Incident Response Management (IRM)

Experts have said that the single most important factor in an organization's ability to maintain continuity of operations is its incident response program. Many factors support this premise - the speed of disasters, the speed of social media, the cost of data breaches, and more. A well-architected incident response program can be the difference between surviving a security incident or not. A well-designed incident response program will include a high-performance team of experts, defined roles and responsibilities, a detailed plan, a communication protocol, and a schedule of tabletop exercises to validate the plans. 

Using a proven toolset, BluTinuity can provide a streamlined approach to elevating your organization's level of incident readiness through the following solutions:

  • Assessment of Incident Response Functions and Readiness

  • Assessment of Existing Incident Response Plans

  • Assessment of Business and IT Risk

  • Design, Development, and Implementation of Security / Cyber Incident Response Plans

  • Pre-defined Communication Strategies and Messaging

  • Coordination of External Resources

  • Selection and Implementation of Mass Notification Systems

  • Design and Facilitation of Personalized Tabletop Incident Response Exercises

  • After Action Reviews

  • Custom Incident Response Solutions

BluTinuity can provide a streamlined approach to elevating your organization's level of incident readiness.


"Athletico began its partnership with BluTinuity and Scott Owens in 2013 with a simple HIPAA Security Risk Assessment. At that time, we had roughly 75 physical therapy clinics in the greater Chicago area. Since then, Athletico has grown to over 600 clinics in 14 states, and with this growth, we have experienced a complex, challenging, and ever-changing organizational risk profile. BluTinuity has helped our team understand the risks, develop information security requirements and controls, and grow its Information Security, Business Continuity, and Incident Response programs to scale with the business. We value Scott’s expertise and would highly recommend BluTinuity as a trusted advisor."

Quarles & Brady

"Quarles & Brady LLP, a national law firm with 13 offices in the USA, originally engaged with BluTinuity in 2017-18 to redesign its process and core tool set for the planning and management of security incident response. With our commitment to protecting our client's data and the high cost of data breaches, Quarles recognized that one of the best ways to prepare for a cyber security incident is to organize a cohesive Security Incident Response Team of internal and external resources, develop a solid Security Incident Response Plan (SIRP), and facilitate a series of progressively complex tabletop exercises to test the team's readiness. BluTinuity provided a practical, comprehensive template and worked closely with our team to successfully implement the SIRP across all our locations.  We also enjoyed the creativity and thoroughness of the design and facilitation of the tabletop exercises by BluTinuity. BluTinuity owner Scott Owens has become one of our trusted, strategic partners and I would recommend him to any organization seeking to enhance their business continuity and incident response posture."

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