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5 Minute Preparedness Challenge

Looking for a fun activity to do with your family that will really make you scratch your head? Take the 5 Minute Preparedness Challenge.

Here is how it works. Gather your family around the dining table and explain the scenario in which the fire department has just knocked on your door at 2:00 AM and due to a wildfire getting close to your neighborhood, you have 5 minutes to pack up and leave your home for what could likely be several days to one week or more. Take whatever you can but you must be gone in 5 minutes.

Give each person a blank sheet and ask them to spend the next 5 minutes writing down items that they would take. Five minutes can be a lifetime ... or not. Then have each person share their list to see if you are ready. Not everyone will enjoy this exercise, but it will help make you more prepared for a real event!

Here are some common items that people forget:

· Car keys

· Toothbrush

· Contact lens cleaning kit

· Bible; religious texts

· Laptop

· Family photos

· Jewelry

· Credit cards, ATM card, checkbook

· Cell phone charger

· Bottled water & snacks

· Pets & food

· Let me know how your exercise went and what key items you were happy to have with you.

Next Step: Formalize your list and keep it in a handy place.


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