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Program & Project Management (PPM)

Investing in a major technology project can be timely, expensive, and uncertain. Properly planned and executed, that investment can strengthen every facet of your business from process to infrastructure and finance. However, poor project management can lead to costly delays and even project failure. BluTinuity’s senior-level approach to program and project management brings deep experience with the technical mechanics and administrative aspects of projects.  More importantly, our approach brings keen insight into organizational culture, politics, and the intangible components that typically present the most project risk. 


BluTinuity's proficiency in the project management domain can assist your organization with personalized solutions in the following areas:


  • Project Management Office (PMO) Design & Implementation

  • Project Health Assessment

  • Large or Complex Project Management

  • Simultaneous Multiple Project (Program) Management

  • Project Rescue

  • Project Plan or Other Formal Project Document Development

  • Project Management Mentoring & Guidance

  • Project Management Formal Training

  • Business Process Design & Documentation

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